SOL HAUS is currently developing a prototype that is simple in construction, cost effective to build, yet rich in design and efficient in the use of space. The concept is to minimize square footage while maximizing functionality. Additionally, zoning and building requirements have been considered in the design of the prototype to effectively reduce time and expense during the approval process. We’ve taken these factors into consideration, so that the cost for design and construction is affordable for homeowners.

SOL HAUS DESIGN believes that by offering a well designed, functional and energy efficient home with a small carbon footprint, more people will understand the value of living with less, to shift the focus from a lifestyle based on material consumption to a lifestyle based on simplicity.

The prototype can be used for many different purposes and can be configured and designed for the specific purpose:

  • Guesthouse for rent
  • Elderly housing
  • Detached housing for college kids
  • Home office
  • Studio space for artists
  • Children’s playroom


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