Ojai Guesthouse Cottage

Ojai Guesthouse Cottage

In collaboration with West Wood Construction

Ojai, California

This guesthouse is an addition to the main residence, located near downtown Ojai. The owner of the property is an elderly man who needed a smaller place to live than the large house he occupied for many years. The intent is for his son and daughter-in-law to move into the main house so they can care for him.

Originally designed by Austin Pierpont, the main house has European old-world charm. To respect this historical context, the guesthouse is designed to retain the exterior look of the original house: steeply pitched roof, metal windows with divided lights, and textured plaster walls. To maximize the efficiency of the floor plan (640 sf maximum allowable), the interior uses an open-plan concept.

The property overlooks a beautiful vineyard at the rear of the main house with a mountainous region beyond. To take advantage of the views, the guesthouse is oriented at 45 degrees from the main axis of the house.

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