As a boutique design firm, we are deliberately small. We are a one-person business owned and operated by Vina Lustado. As you can see in her resume, Vina’s experience ranges from very large corporate headquarters to highly customized single-family homes.

Vina’s background in working for small and large firms has provided her with invaluable practical knowledge. She has developed a keen sense of design, and she values the collaborative process with her clients. As a deliberately small firm, SOL HAUS DESIGN can provide maximum efficiency for your project, which translates to better design while controlling overall cost.

“…I have watched Vina emerge as a quiet leader with exceptional focus and dedication… Among Vina’s greatest assets is her personality. She has great patience, the ability to inquire with precision and grace, a cheerful sense of humor, and persistence. She combines these qualities with a depth of knowledge and experience in design and production that has made her a favorite with our clients.”

Philip Banta, architect
principal at Philip Banta and Associates

How much does it cost to hire you?
The standard architect’s fee is 10-15% of construction cost. SOL HAUS DESIGN’s rates are usually 10% or lower. (see Process). Our hourly rate is $85/hr.

Do you have contractors you can recommend?
Yes! There are good, reliable local contractors we can recommend for specific project, depending on the parameters of the project.

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